Call Me Clark
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A short dance film by Peter Clark, in collaboration with 'Quintessence' by Khala Brannigan


In collaboration with Khala Brannigan, a dancer and choreographer, I created a short film for her 'Quintessence' exhibition, performed in San Francisco, California.  The film honors how much inspiration I've been given by California's unique natural environments and how these dancers react to the same elements with creative movement.

Dedicated to Linda Kuhn, for giving me life and inspiration to live.

Role: Direction, Cinematography and Music
Client: Collaborative Short Film
Created: 2016

Cinematography Process

All the various nature scenes were shot in San Francisco and Marin County, California.  The dance studio shots were done at Safe House Arts in San Francisco.


Film by
Peter Clark

In Collaboration with
Quintessence by Khala Brannigan

Khala Brannigan, Courtney Armani, Claire Fisher


Special Thanks
RAW - Residence Artists Workshop