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Peter Clark is a San Francisco based multi-media artist, drummer and skateboarder.  After attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, he moved to San Francisco in 2014 and began working with the studio 'Autofuss'.  After working amongst an inspiring crew of musicians, designers, roboticist and wild thinkers, he entered the world of freelance motion graphics in 2015.  Using a mix of physical and digital process, Peter creates both personal and commercial pieces in collaboration with several other artists and studios in the bay area.  

Enternull is the audio alias of Peter Clark, under which he creates electronic soundscapes and psychedelic audio compositions for his works and by commission for commercial projects.  Audio or visual collaborations are always welcome.



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Featured Work

2016 | San Francisco Dance Film Festival | Given
2015 | Design for Motion by Austin Shaw | Various Projects
2015 | Adobe Inspire Magazine | Decrypt
2015 | Art Futura Magazine | Primordial
2014 | Adobe Achievement Award | Memory Stream
2014 | SCAD Comotion Best in Show | Memory Stream
2014 | 94th Annual ADC Award | Memory Stream

Speaking Events

2016 | Motion Plus Design Meet-Up | Paris, France
2014 | SCAD Major Connections | Savannah, GA


The Savannah College of Art and Design
Undergraduate, Motion Media & Graphic Design