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Are We Content?

Are We Content is a collaborative exhibition focused on digital identity, featuring various students from the Savannah College of Art and Design.


'Are We Content' is a collaborative exploration focused on various aspects of how human beings establish identity and interact in the electric landscape of digital culture. Various students and Alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design submitted pieces utilizing both digital & analog approaches.  I'm proud to have organized and worked with so many amazing individuals during this exhibition.

Role: Direction, Design, Animation and Event Production
Client: SCAD Senior Exhibition
Exhibited: 2014

Television Intallation

Created by a collective of various TV owners.

Each TV is plugged into a DMX Light controller, causing them to flicker on and off in repeating patterns.  A speaker is hung in front of the different screens, creating magnetic malfunctions in the screen.  Visitors alter the television screens though touch by moving the speaker magnet around.

Light Intallations

Taylor English, Jackie Khan Doan, Scottie Cheng-Yi

These three window based installations are made of reflective mylar, neon yarn, black lights and hand-cut paper.  They appeared as black boxes from the exterior of the show and were revealed as psychedelic mirrors within the exhibition space.  

Portrait by Nuntanut Sathityatiwat

Potrait by Jay Keeree

Painting by Chesney Lattuga

Internet Nostalgia - Painting & Video Series

Jana Marie Cariddi

These paintings reference nostalgic elements of the internet world and were paired with a nostalgic internet video and a pair of old neon keyboards.

Interactive Ceiling Projections

Marcus Kulik

This system allowed visitors to wave their hand in front of a small sensor, causing particles to be projected and pushed across the ceiling.

Echoes of Eternity

Mark McCallum, Peter Clark  

This installation used a webcam to capture individuals within the exhibition space and then re-project them on to the gallery wall.  This resulted in an infinite trail of duplicate people being copied into a wall of abstract static.

#Hash Tag

Danyi Wang, Hyumsoon Joo, Amanda Quist, Techinal Assistance, Sangwoo Nam, Daniel Quist

A series of hash tag themed interactive designs displayed on an array of ipads.


Glitch Video Art

Switzon S. Wigfall III

Alter Ego

Spencer Higbee

Digital Shrine

Morgan (Moss) Murphy, Eddie Nieto

A 3D low poly head served as the statue of a digital god, illuminated by psychedelic patterns mapped on to each face.

Memory Stream

Peter Clark, Yeojin Shin, Daniel Uribe

Virtually Unconscious

Peter Clark, Chase Hochstatter

Distance of Our Hands

Mark McCallum, Peter Clark and Haley Varacallo



Exhibition Director & Producer
Peter Clark

SCAD Faculty Support
John Collette
Austin Shaw
Duff Yong,
James Gladman
Michael Betancourt
David A. Stivers
Scott Thorp

Production & Technical Assistance
Neil D. Short
Michael Betancourt
John Collette

Video Documentation
Aaron Rogers
Morgan Murphy
Chase Hochstatter

Fine Art Submissions
Chesney Lattuga
Jana Marie Cariddi
Nuntanut Sathityatiwat
Jay Keeree

Video and Interactive Installations
Timmy Lingard
Jay Keeree
Spencer Higbee
Switzon S. Wigfall III
Mark McCallum
Chase Hochstatter
Yeojin Shin
Daniel Uribe
Morgan Murphy
Eddy Nieto
Marcus Kulik
Peter Clark
Haley Varacallo
Jana Marie Cariddi

Light Installations
Taylor English
Jackie Khan Doan
Scottie Cheng-Yi Lim
Daniela Guarin
Yukari Schrickel

#Hash Tag Installation
Danyi Wang
Hyumsoon Joo
Amanda Quist
Sangwoo Nam
Daniel Quist

Exhibition Space
Gus & J (Safe Sound)

Web Design
Devon Hosford

Facilities and Education
The Savannah College of Art and Design

Production Assistance
Madeline Miller
Mark McCallum
Chase Hochstatter
Aaron Rogers