Call Me Clark


Currents is a pair of projection mapped 3D sculptures created for GMUNK's exhibition at Madrone Studios.


The master of optical delights GMUNK invited me to join his crew of industrial design wizards and projection ninjas to create content for a pair of 3D projection mapped sculptures, which were displayed at the MUSE SF art event hosted by Madrone Studios. Currents uses light and abstract forms to represent the magnetic energy passing throughout our earth's poles, from the deep oceans to the turbulent upper atmospheres.  Animated patterns derive from several bioluminescent creatures of the deep, while other spiraling elements were inspired by weather patterns viewed from space.  The static sculptures in turn become evolving ecosystems synchronized to metallic samples and abstract synths composed by Enternull.

Role: Animation & Sound
Client: Artist Collaboration
Created: 2016

Collaboration Process

Once each of the sculpture portions was divided, I used octane render for C4D to create several different light passes.  I also used after effects to mix a library of renders together.  Once the animation was complete, I opened up Ableton live and played with various plugins to create an accompanying soundscape.  

The project began with Mr. Munkowitz as he collaborated with Lorenzo Vianello to create a unique conceptual direction for the piece.  Lorenzo went through multiple iterations on the design in Grasshopper, which was then converted into files that I could use in Cinema 4D to create various masks.  Phil Reyneri set up all the projection alignments and supplied me with a 3D camera rig to work with.



Design Direction: GMUNK
Industrial Design: Lorenzo Vianello
Projection Animation: Peter Clark
Projection Mapping: Phil Reyneri (Lightform)

Cinematography: Phil Reyneri, Jonathan Beltron
Presented by: MUSE & Madrone Studios
Sound Design: Enternull