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Acura Mood Roads

An interactive driving experience for Acura Mood Roads.


The master of mood GMUNK brought me on board to create style frames for Acura's interactive driving experience titled Mood Roads, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2017.  The experience takes place within a spherical motion simulator equipped with a performance driver’s seat and 30 biometric sensors.  The levels that myself and other designers created were rebuilt in Unity by Spinifex, allowing each environment to respond in real-time to the driver’s emotional, cognitive and physical inputs – affecting speed, acceleration, curves, colors, saturation and audio. A floor-to-ceiling dome projection fully immersed the user in synchronism with the audio compositions of Keith Ruggiero.  Below are the various style frames I created for Acura's Mood Road experience.

Role: 3D Design / Animation
Client: Acura / Mullen Lowe
Created: 2017


Interactive Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Live-Action Executive Producer: Olivier Fuselier
Executive Producer: Brad Johns
Head of Production: Ian Falvey
Executive Producer Tonic: Susan Neil
Production Controller: Rodrigo Rodriguez
Director of Experiential / EP - Chris Neff
Digital Producer - Chris Kaliszewski

3D Design / Motion - Michael Rigley
3D Design / Motion - Christoffer Bjerre
3D Design / Motion - Peter Clark
3D Design - Hauser
3D Design - Toros Kuse
3D Design - Conor Grebel
Sound & Music Design - Keith Ruggiero
Interactive Design - Spinifex