Call Me Clark
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OFFF Cincinnati Titles

A title sequence created by Autofuss, Directed by GMUNK for the 2014 OFFF conference in Cincinnati.


I had the opportunity to work with Autofuss & GMUNK on the titles for OFFF 2014. My role involved collaborating with other designers during the ideation and production process while focusing on the creation of Anton and Irene's animated title.  Anton & Irene are information architects who reveal flexible solutions through their extensive exploration of interaction systems. We utilized their technique of reduction to reveal a flexible yet structured surface. 


Role: Design & Production Assistance
Studio: Autofuss + GMUNK
Client: OFFF 

Style Frames

We vacuum formed a few of the patterns and experimented with a light in order to find the right illumination for our final hero shot.

Production & Shoot Day

For the final shot, we took over the Autofuss wood shop and assembled what was deemed "The Kino-raft."  Plastic sheets were then heated and placed on the vacuum former for each take.  We had just a few seconds to capture the moment at high-speed before the plastic would become solid again.



Creative Director
Bradley G Munkowitz

Director of Photography
Joe Picard

Andrew Devansky

Fabrication Advisor
Andrew Devansky

Ashley Rodholm

Carey Burens

Harald Boyesen

Lightbox Fabrication
Barry Bradshaw

DMX Master Control
Michael Beardsworth

Key Grips
Dakota Wilder
Branson Stowell

Anton & Irene by
Peter Clark

Yuko Shimizu by
Kirsten Ritschel

Lobulu by
Ryan Chen 

Digital Kitchen by
Nate Costa

James White by
Jason Kerr

Sougwen Chung by
Rowan Ogden & Kenny Johnson

Cocolab by
Conor Grebel & Mike Williams

Bradley G Munkowitz

OFFF Cincinnati 2014 by 
Ian Colon