Call Me Clark


Primordial - A short animation directed by Peter Clark, Jason Kerr and Chris Bjerre.


The core of a dark planetoid hosts a primordial soup of microscopic life.  Within the neural pathways of these organic compounds, intelligence is born from the primitive drive for survival.  Each stage of Primordial has been designed and animated by separate artists and sequentially stitched together as one evolving timeline.  It was an amazing experience to work with the various artists involved in this project.

Role: Design, Sound & Animation
Production: Collaborative Short Film
Created: 2015

Title Design

We created the title typography from practical elements and combined them with other live action effects and 2D elements. 


Along with the title, I focused on creating an animated portion of the video titled "Cognition."  In this scene, the viewer passes through a neural pathway and into a chaotic brain. All the basic elements of this piece are created from looping patterns, inspired by the theory of pattern recognition.

Hand Painted Film

Hand painted film loops created during my time at the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Special thanks to Michael Betancourt for introducing me to this technique during his lectures.  These textures were used as a base to develop 3D video layers.

Frame by Frame Patterns

Loops of both the hand-drawn films and frame by frame patterns were designed for mapping on to 3D objects in Cinema 4D.  The linework was intended to create an optical art effect.

3D Pattern Renders

Patterns were mapped on to 3D objects in cinema 4D to create psychedelic tunnels.

Linework Renders

I used x-particles and Cinema 4D to generate line work and geometric forms.

Cinema 4D Previs


Design & Animation
Jason Kerr, Chris Bjerre, Peter Clark

Title Cinematography
Joe Picard

Title Design
Peter Clark, Wendie Ing

Sound Design
Peter Clark

Haley Varacallo