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Kind is a collaborative work created by Peter Clark, Chase Hochstatter, Conor Grebel and Austin Hochstatter


KIND is a short film made by Peter Clark, Conor Grebel, Chase Hochstatter and Austin Hochstatter for Positive Economy Forum's 2015 event in Le Havre, France.  We based our direction around a quote provided by two of the event speakers:

”What kind of planet are we going to leave to our children? 
What kind of children are we leaving behind for our planet?"
~Pierre Rahbi & Jérôme Salte

Role: Design, Music & Animation
Client: Positive Economy Forum
Created: 2015

Style Frames

I created style frames in oder to storyboard our animation and to test the various reflective materials involved.

Title Design

The titles were created with a laptop monitor displaying graphics while a layer of acrylic tubes distorted the image. Led lights were moved around the acrylic tubes in order to create saturated color reflections. 

Light Effects

Abstract light effects were created by placing an acrylic tube on top of our camera lens. Passing lights past the camera then created various streaks and light forms. 

Environment Design

We created various environments by using mylar and LED lights. The mylar was wrapped to create a cave and also cut into smaller sections to be rotated on a boosted board. We also shifted the lights in order to create dancing reflections. 

Orb Exterior Design

In order to create the orbs, we filmed lights moving around glass and crystal vases. Conor Grebel then used the footage to create 3D orbs cycling through the various light patterns. 

Totem Design

The central totem was created by placing several columns of acrylic inside a clear tube and then moving lights behind the structure. Small silhouettes of people were composited in to represent a community engaging in debate around an electric campfire. 


Design & Animation
Peter Clark, Conor Grebel,
Austin Hochstatter & Chase Hochstatter


Special Thanks
Kook Ewo & Laure Chapalain
Positive Economy Forum