Call Me Clark


A project representing nanodiamond formation for a learned squared project under the guidance of Michael Rigley.


Under the mentorship of Michael Rigley, I created these frames for his learned squared class.  My concept is titled IQC (Intergalactic Quantum Computing) and represents the formation of nanodiamonds.

In the future, several worlds divided by galaxies have made contact and compete for superiority through the efficiency of their quantum computers. Immense codes and formulas are beamed across space and each world attempts to solve the sequences before the other. 

Nanodiamons are a symbol of the competition, since they are a mineral resource seen by worlds all across the cosmos and have properties used for fabricating a wide spectrum of quantum computer elements. Nanodiamonds are formed in space within a fragment of a second, usually when meteorites collide with one another at high speeds. 

Role: Designer
Client: Learned Squared
Created: 2016

Form Explorations

I explored several different forms, finally resolving on an organic mesh design.

Density Explorations

I explored various ways to clone objects to the particle formation, resulting in some unique tendrils.

Texture Explorations

I had never used octane render previously, so the texture and lighting explorations we're the most intense portion of my process.  The final frames took between 6 - 9 hours of render time on my mac.


Instructor: Michael Rigley
Designer: Peter Clark
ClientLearned Squared