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Orbis Integra

Orbis Integra

Promotional material for The Game Awards, 2015 by Peter Clark.


Orbis Integra is a statement of celestial birth, vigorous expansion and ensuing destruction, encountered through cinematographic vignettes of practical assessments. Activation materials are manipulated utilizing a series of dynamic heat and vibration sources to simulate natural phenomena. High-speed cinematography was employed to freeze these hastily occurring reactive statements, rendering the ephemeral as a deep ponderance of format, pattern and composition. Specialized macro lenses were operated to plunge deep inside, rendering a viewport that examined these phenomena in macroscopic fidelity. Qualia Science was also a focus to drive the auditory experience, sympathized by a captivating soundscape to induce a meditative state of cosmic consciousness.

Role: Practical Wizard, Editor
Client: Collaborative Film
Created: 2017

Creative Process

The ultra-lovely peoples at JOJX produced the 2 day shoot in collaboration with Gayatri Roshen - all executed on a shoestring budget - essentially pulling off a miracle of spreadsheet ninja work.  To film these practical phenomena, the team necessitated Dr Picard to wizard on a variety of photographic techniques, using a specialized Innovision Optics Probe Lens System to get intimately close-up to the experiments.  Charles Berquist, another renowned Cinematographer, was generous enough to employ his PhantomFlex 4K camera and also assisted as 2nd AC, DIT and overall brain support for the funky machine. The studies were captured anywhere between 240fps to 1000fps, depending on the situation, essentially rendering 2 second moments as 20-30 seconds of epic material statements.



Super collaborators Munko McMunksterDr Joseph Albert Picard and myself conceived a variety of practical experiments, researching elements such as multi-color sand, fine crystals, dry ice, iron filings & glitter and soapy bubble mixtures. The main motivation for these experiments was to capture the vibration and movement of the materials affected by physical forces such a Heat, Wind and Cymatic Vibrations - giving the materials a life and narrative of their own.  To accomplish this, Chladni Plates of different shapes, Mechanical Vibrators and Function Generators were employed to produce the Cymatic stimulations, and fabulous Production Designer Arne Knudsen was tasked with executing the experiments on shoot day under a ridiculous array of film lights and uncomfortable heat.  


Director: GMUNK
Executive Producer: Gayatri Roshan
Production Company: JOJX
JOJX Creative Director: Jackson Morton
JOJX Executive Producer: Joe Care
Line Producer: Rich Epstein
Director of Photography: Dr Joseph Picard
1st AC: Devin Keebler
2nd AC: Brian Williamson
Composers: Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm, Steve Hauschildt

Practical Wizard: Peter Clark
Art Director: Arne Knudsen
DIT: Charles Berquist
Camera Rental: Charles Berquist
Gaffer: Shane Salyards
Key Grip: Tony Giordano
Editors: Bradley G Munkowitz, Peter Clark
Colorist: Duncan Russell, Freefolk
Typography: Michael Cina