Call Me Clark

GoPro Pitch

Promotional material for The Game Awards, 2015 by Peter Clark.

GoPro Bumper Concept

I worked with the grid master-blaster GMUNK to design a set of style frames for GoPro's opening video bumper.  Our concept for the new approach was to focus on the idea of visualizing resolution, representing an image construct with small packets that expand, multiply and ultimately stream through an expanding 16:9 array to the content items.

It was brought to life by the After Effects wizard Sander Van Dijk with epic audio effects composed by SoundsRed. Unfortunately, the GoPro team didn’t want to go in this high-tech direction so it never saw the glistening beams of acceptance, and victory.

Role: Lead Designer
Client: GoPro
Production: Tool of North America
Created: 2016

Fly Through Concept 01

Fly Through Concept 02

Take Off Concept 01



Production Company: Tool of North America
Executive Producer: Dustin Califf
Producer: Chris Kaliszewski
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designer: Peter Clark
Lead Animator: Sander Van Dijk
Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero