Call Me Clark

The Game Awards 2015

Promotional material for The Game Awards, 2015 by Peter Clark.


Our team was asked to create a promotional video and titles for the 2015 Game Awards event in Los Angeles.  Our approach was based on the theme "How do you play?"  Viewers are taken along a gamer’s electric pathway through our mechanical labyrinth to illuminate & empower the core of the 2015 Game Awards statue.  We implemented a mixture of practical FX, CG animation and multi-media motion graphics.  The score was also created using a variety of synthesizers, vocoders, percussion and abstract sound recordings.

Role: Design Direction, Music and Animation
Client: The Game Awards
Created: 2015

Promotional Video

We created a short promo video for the award show launch site.  It also allowed us to explore styles for the title reveals.


Title Stills

We created 10 different title looks for the various awards being given out during the event.  Each on is accompanied by a vocoder voice reading each title.

Logo Graphics

We created the practical logo by laser etching various portions of the visuals on separate pieces of acrylic. We then stacked the pieces of acrylic and ran cycling light projections through them to illuminate each layer of the graphic. Another version of the logo was created in Cinema 4D. 

Circuit Boards

We disassembled various gaming consoles, television screens, computers and other electronics in order to salvage their inner circuitry. We then sprayed the circuitry with silver and funneled glow stick solution through transparent PVC pipes over top of them. We also projected various patterns across the circuit boards.


We placed various pieces of computers underneath a Laboval 4 microscope in order to capture abstract textures. LED screens, circuit boards, monitor cases and other materials contained several textures that we could use. We also experimented with external light sources as opposed to the microscopes default back-light, which created interesting light effects. 

Monitor Tubes

We found various TV and computer monitors with florescent tubes inside them. By pulling away the screens, we could film the tubes turning on. We also used projections and black lights to generate various light effects on the screen’s surface.

Transparent LED Monitor

NTROPIC supplied us with a large transparent LED monitor to film several title elements. The large monitor has a transparent LED panel and is filled with bright lights. It allowed us to place the award statue inside the monitor while also displaying various animations over top of the object. 

Statue Lighting

We created a library of glitch patterns and mattes that we could then project on to the statue’s surface. We also used black lights to illuminate the statue’s form and acrylic base. 

Music & Sound Design

We created the audio by combining several synths, vocoders and various mechanical sounds. Several things like mouse clicks, controller taps and hard drives booting up were used as audio. 

Interface & Titles

Since gaming often involves some form of interface, we created several graphics to surround title reveals and the logo resolve. Once the interface elements were animated, we placed them over footage and chopped up the layers to create an array of flashing grids and basic shapes. 


Design Direction
Peter Clark

Projection & Lighting Design
Conor Grebel

CG Design & Animation
Chase Hochstatter

Title Graphics & Animation
Peter Clark

Production Assistance
Gillen Burch
Sean Dekkers
Wendie Ing

Sound Design
Peter Clark ~ Enternull
Conor Grebel ~ Bedtimes