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Distance of Our Hands

Distance of Our Hands is a performance piece about the perception of distance across digital space by Peter Clark and Haley Varacallo.


'Distance of Our Hands' is an audio-visual collaboration performed at the 'Are We Content' exhibition as an exploration of how human beings extend themselves into digital space through signal exchange. Projected faces of the two vocalists are distorted by audio analysis (via VDMX software) in order to reference a loss of both emotional and spatial depth in digital communications over time.

Role: Design, Animation & Music Performance
Client: SCAD Senior Audio / Visual Performance
Performed: 2014


Design & Animation
Peter Clark
Mark McCallum

VJ Performance
Mark McCallum

Vocal Performance
Haley Varacallo
Peter Clark

Music Composition
Peter Clark

Technical Assistance
John Colette
James Gladman
Michael Betancourt
Neil Short

Vidvox- VDMX,
Vade- v002 Rutt Etra
Vade- Syphon
vj kidkadian- Syphon2Network
Adobe CC

Performance Documentation
Aaron Rogers
Morgan Murphy
Chase Hochstatter