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Decrypt is a project about the digital afterlife of a virus by Peter Clark


An experimental piece exploring the possible afterlife of technology and the process of it's freedom from the digital crypt.  Created for the Adobe mentorship project in collaboration with Mike Williams, Joe Picard and my amazing mentor Lilit Hayrapetyan.


Role: Design, Animation & Music
Client: Adobe Mentorship Project
Created: 2015

Concept Art

I illustrated various concept directions for the character "Hades."  The final solution was a hooded metallic figure, crossing a grim reaper with futuristic materials.

Mask Fabrication 

The mask was fabricated from a cheap party mask found in 'party city'.  I then used glow sticks and cardboard to extend the mask's form.  Heated styrene was then molded around the mask in a process called vacuum forming.  The final mask was then spray painted to have a matte surface.

Projection & Materials Test

I tested various projection graphics on the mask and clothing in order to figure out an interesting reveal for the figure.

Glitch Patterns

The final projection graphics were created in photoshop, after effects and hex fiend.  They are stylized to look like render buckets and various glitches so that the character appears to be rendering in real space.

Style Frames

I tested the various projections and used these frames as reference for our shoot.

Circuit Board Sequence

I used a macro lens and a microscope to take various images of a circuit board.  The intro is intended to show the malfunction of a system, so glow sticks were used to create a glowing electrocution effect as the climax.

Interface Design

The interface was designed in Adobe Illustrator and represents the creature's various sensory inputs booting up. 

Post FX | Glitches

I used hex fiend to apply all the final glitches.  Mp4 files seemed to generate the most abstract and painterly effects. 



Design, Animation & Sound
Peter Clark

Joe Picard

Main Actor
Michael Williams

Project Mentor 
Lilit Hayrapetyan