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Tipping Point 2015

Material created by Autofuss for the Tipping Point 2014 charity event.


I had the pleasure of working with Autofuss to create a massive projection loop for Tipping Point's 2015 charity event. The organization partners with non-profit groups to educate, employ, house and support individuals in need.  The theme this year was points of light, so our approach was to create graphic forms with light bokeh captured in camera to represent communities of people.  For more information visit:


Role : Design Direction, Animation & Music
Studio : Autofuss
Client : Tipping Point

Event Stills

Our projection ran for a total of 30 minutes and led visitors down a wide hallway towards the main seating area.  

Projection Content

We created a 2 minute loop at 10680 x 1200 pixels for the final projection.  All the primary elements were shot at 4K in camera and then composited with Cinema 4D particle effects.

Data Clusters

In order to create clusters of light that represent the various Tipping Point grantees, we wrapped christmas lights around a disco ball and composited the various takes together.  3D particles were also added as icing on the cake.

Style Frames

I created style frames to test the various light bokeh compositing effects and create a direction for our final animation.

MoCap Pat

We wrapped a human model (MoCap Pat) in a string of christmas lights and filmed him with various filters on the camera lens (featured below).  These hot dance moves were shot for the DJ set following our initial projections.

Lens Filters

We laser cut various acrylic patterns, which were placed over the camera lens. Each design changed the form of the light bokeh depending on the camera's aperture settings or focus distance.

Production Stills

We used multiple rigs to create light bokeh forms in camera.  A disco ball was our main object while we also created a turntable with a boosted board. 


Behind the Scenes Cinematography
Dakota Smith
Patrick Walsh
Cody Towner
Ryan Chen
Ian Colon

Key Grips
Dakota Smith
Patrick Walsh
Cody Towner

‘All Of It Now’ VJ’s
Howard Wong
Danny Firpo

‘Tekamaki’ Projection Team
Christopher Burdett
Mark Hendrickson
Robert Loney
Alex Laux
Dan Burton
Chris Gerrety

Peter Clark

Event & Video Score
Peter Clark

Special Thanks to ~


Creative Direction
Sam Conkling

Executive Creative Direction
Randall Stowell

Alison Plansky

Executive Producer
Bill Galusha

Design Direction
Peter Clark

Design & Animation
Ryan Chen
Jason Kerr
Peter Clark

Technical Advisor
Phil Reyneri

Director of Photography
Aron Pruiett

1st Assistant Camera
Dakota Smith

Ian Colon