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Promotional material for The Game Awards, 2015 by Peter Clark.

DateNite 'Sex Bruise'

What happens when Frisky Dolphins, Dinosaur Skeletons, Emoji People, Chrome Gundams and Beach Babes all go on a group date?  This music video for DateNite's song 'Sex Bruise' shows how such a date might go. Three Artists created the various dancing characters and their individual worlds, I was responsible for the dinosaur skeletons and their 'BONE ZONE'.  The Dino bones dance their way from a lava lab, up a freight elevator and on to the surface of a volcanic dance platform.  Their reality collapses into chaos as the Dolphin Paradise and Emojie Desert worlds come crashing in with full force.

Role: Design & Animation
Client: DateNite
Created: 2016

Animation Process

We decided to push the glitch elements even further by distorting the 3D models in cinema 4D.  The final touches were to run the video through software like hex fiend and Avidimux in order to break the video's code, resulting in a wide array of chaotic and colorful glitches.  We then shot the video on an old editing monitor, which was rescued from the street by Condor GreebleTimes.  All together, it's a total glitch fest that embraces the distortions that arise from working across physical and digital media.

We began the animation sequences by recording motion captures of the band dancing in the studio.  Each artist then found models on turbo squid and attached them to the dance data in cinema 4D.  The sequences and models both had their own errors, so the sequences ended up with plenty of weird glitches, which we all loved and decided to emphasize throughout the piece.  Each artist also built an environment around their characters, creating new levels that would then be mashed together in a wild glitch-fest.


Direction: Conor Grebel, Ian Colon

Design & Animation: Conor Grebel, Peter Clark, Mike Williams

Editing: Conor Grebel, Ian Colon, Peter Clark

Music: DateNite

Choreography: Stormy Peatte

Grips: Patrick Walsh, Dakota Wilder Smith

MoCap Technician: Phil Reyneri