Call Me Clark


Visuals created for Martin Garrix’s ANIMA tour in 2019.


The master of audio visual experiences, Gabriel Fraboni, brought me on board to create a package of glitch effects for Martin Garrix’s ANIMA tour. I designed and animated content for 3 songs and processed all the visuals through analog glitch modules created by Tachyons Plus. The source content was created with an array of 3D software and laser systems.

Role: Design & Animation
Client: Martin Garrix & PHNTM Labs
: 2019

The first track I worked on was titled Oldskool and I based my aesthetic on the 80s film War Games. The vocals often reference ‘world wide soldiers’ and it felt appropriate to reference the UI of a cyber warrior. Several targeting systems, countdowns and explosion icons were designed using a laser projector and Pengolin’s Quickshow software. I filmed each animation and then processed them through the Tachyons+ Dreamweapon. I then delivered several different glitch looks for the final package.

Oldskool Visuals

The second set of visuals were created for a track titled ‘Echo.’ The visuals began in cinema 4D and were then heavily processed by the tachyons+ Dreamweapon module.

Echo Visuals

The final set of visuals were created for a track titled ‘Wake Up’ and they follow a figure walking through a glitched cityscape. The source content was created in Cinema 4D, using a free building pack by KitBash 3D. The final visuals were processed with the Tachyons+ Dreamweapon and filmed on a small Sony Trinitron CRT TV.

Wake Up Visuals

Creative Director: Gabriel Fraboni
Client: Martin Garrix & PHNTM Labs
Design & Animation: Peter Clark