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Memory Stream

Memory stream is a short animation about digital memories created by Peter Clark, Yeojin Shin and Daniel Uribe.


Memory Stream explores the idea of how we as human beings store memories in digital space and how we access those individual experiences from our past. We chose to focus our animation on aspects of digitally stored memories and how sharing those memories creates a beautiful global culture.  The title pulls from the term 'file streaming' and implies the format in which we experience memories online.  It was an amazing experience to work with my two great friends Yeojin Shin and Daniel Uribe on my last project completed at the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014.

Role: Design, Animation & Music
Client: SCAD Collaborative Senior Project
Created: 2014
Awards: Adobe Achievement Award 2014
                   94th Annual ADC Award


Enter Command

The first scene is based off the idea of someone entering a command to begin their process of finding a digital memory.  We used a combination of stop motion, frame by frame animation, wires, keyboards, foam core, work lamps and a Canon T2i camera to create this scene.

Scroll Bar

The second scene shows a character escaping from the results of an image search.  We created this scene with photography, photoshop and vector animation.

Search Box

The scroll bar elevator morphs into an organic search box seeking a result. We animated the box in photoshop and used hand painted film strips as a high speed background texture.

Tree of Knowledge

Our character lands in a lost memory.  The landscape is a photo composite and the sky is a series of layered projection effects.  Photoshop was used to animate the liquid transition elements.

The Hourglass

Our character reaches deeper into the past.  Textures for the scene were shot in camera and created by an oil smudge technique or scratched plastic.  We used Cinema 4D to create a rotating portal into the next world.


Our character enters a psychedelic mirror, creating new digital copies in the reflections.  We created this scene by building a large kaleidoscope with 3 mirrors, then placed a camera inside the tube.  Great for selfies.

Cascading Void

Our character jumps into the void of shared global memory, experiencing everything as one continuous stream of consciousness.  We used claymation techniques on an old turn table to create the exploding background textures.  Cinema 4D and photoshop were used to animate the character and staircase.


We ran the entire animation through a process called "Pixel sorting" in order to add a glitchy texture.   The overall effect was only used in a small section of the final piece but I really enjoyed the raw results we got from this process.


Design & Animation
Peter Clark
Yeojin Shin
Daniel Uribe

Peter Clark