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Promotional material for Fender music’s new ‘Pugilist Distortion’ pedal.


Fender music approached us to create a heavily glitched promotional video for their new Pugilist Distortion Pedal.  We enlisted the most badass guitarist we could find, Martyna Dakowicz, to go up against volumetric sound waves controlled by Cody LaserBoi Samson.  The piece follows Martyna as she boxes with sound waves from her guitar, distorting them with the impact of each punch.  Joel Thomas brought in his own heavy weight skills for the final shot, giving the 3D pedal some photo-real metal textures and lighting in Cinema4D.  

The music was recorded in pieces, beginning with a synthesizer backtrack and percussion of the pedal knobs clicking.  Martyna then laid down some heavy riffs with a Fender Jazz Master, which we’re mixed as a single track by Enternull.  The live drums we’re then recorded at Get Reel Productions in San Francisco and the final mastering was done by the sonic wizard Brian Hazard.

Role: Design Direction, Cinematography, Sound & 2D Animation
Client: Fender Music
Created: 2018




We presented fender with multiple angles of the pugilist pedal, illuminated by a laser projector or viewed under a microscope lense.  Each presentation aimed to bring out industrial design details of the pedal.  Microscopic shots highlight the brushed metal and LED surface, while the laser projector created unique reflections across the pedal's surface.  


Our shoot was done at All Of It Now's warehouse location.  Cody LaserBlaster Samson operated a midi controller to modulate the laser projector beams while Martyna boxed with the sound waves.  We also experimented with laser reflections off the fender guitar surface.  




Client:  Fender Music
Design Direction:  Peter Clark
Boxing & Lead Guitar:  Martyna Dakowicz
Laser Blaster:  Cody Samson
3D Animation:  Joel Thomas


Special Thanks:  All Of It Now,  Phil Spitler
Cinematography & Editing:  Peter Clark
Music Composition:  Enternull
Drum Recording:  Get Reel Productions
Mastering:  Resonance Mastering